To support & unify people from all walks of life through organsing live shows, visual arts exhibitions & sharing of quality lifestyle attitude.Founded in 2020 by Geoff Erik Li, a Hong Kong born and raised classical pianist currently based in Chiangmai Thailand, and Allison Leung, a Bhutanese descent Paris-graduated Asia fashion designer and the founder of Shine Foundation.白墨盒相信, 透過舉辦藝術表演, 視覺藝術展覽和分享優質生活態度, 宣揚共享資源, 和普及藝術生活化來實現共融社會及實踐身心靈健康等普世價值。

於2020年, 由定居泰國清邁的香港古典鋼琴藝術家李喆, 及其多年好友, 晴睿基金會創辦人, 留學英法之不丹華裔時裝設計師梁鶯萍小姐共同創立。